Our Criteria

Oak Stream Partners is prepared to invest quickly in a company we admire



Our Investment Criteria

Oak Stream Partners is seeking companies that exemplify the following characteristics:

  • $5 – $150 million of annual revenue
  • $2 – $15 million annual earnings
  • 5yrs of continuous profitability



  • 50%+ gross margins
  • 15%+ net margins
  • 10%+ annual sales growth


Our Industry Preferences

We are seeking acquisitions in financial, services, consumer product, or light manufacturing industries with a particular focus on the insurance and warranty sectors. While we are generally industry agnostic, we tend to avoid companies that are reliant upon highly technical expertise such as medical and engineering organizations. We like unique situations where our flexibility is valued such as mini-MBO's and retained interests. We also avoid capital intensive industries such as retail, heavy manufacturing, and food services. Sample industries are listed below but, not limited to the following:

  • Recurring revenue model
  • B2B service industry
  • Insurance or warranty providers
  • Outsourced services
  • Compliance
  • Processing
  • Claims or remediation
  • Billing



Your Location

Oak Stream is looking for a North American headquartered company.  We have no preference on state or city.  Foreign companies will not be considered at this time.

  • North America  headquartered company


Management and Employees we admire

We would like nothing more than to work with a trustworthy and able entrepreneur ready to transition into retirement or able to stay on-board and grow the company to the next level. We seek a company that is well positioned for growth in a fragmented and sizeable industry (ideally 25 billion or greater) with the following qualities.

  • North America headquartered company
  • Identifiable growth opportunities
  • Solid employee relations with high retention rates
  • Diverse customer base