Oak stream is a private equity search fund for lower middle market private company acquisitions

Oak Stream Partners, LLC is a form of private equity fund that specializes in acquiring, developing and managing established businesses. Our investments are for the long-term and are focused on growing, profitable and privately held businesses with revenues ranging from $10 to $50 million. Please see our investment criteria page for more details.


You can count on us!

Oak Stream understands and appreciates the important role that business intermediaries play in the private company marketplace. We believe that you will find several compelling reasons to partner with Oak Stream in order to meet the unique objectives of your clients.

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A2  Attractive Finder’s Fee

Your contacts are valuable

We are always seeking to expand our relationships with business intermediaries and industry experts. As a way to compensate you for your efforts we offer attractive buy-side finder’s fees. If you like, you can simply refer us a name and number and we'll take care of the rest. Please check out our investment criteria and contact us today. We can tell you right away if we're interested in the deal and how much we are prepared to compensate you.

G1  Experienced Investor Team

don't waste time with flakey counterparties

Our team has the most widely recognized names in the private equity search fund industry. Our team represents over a dozen recognized business leaders who are successful entrepreneurs, operating executives and investors with access to hundreds of millions of dollars.  Our team has extensive mergers and acquisitions experience along with a strong track record for building and scaling businesses, several of which have reached in to multi-billion dollar operations.

A10  Attractive Pricing for Sellers

Don't worry about offensive low ball offers

We know how to value an offer and we can do so quickly. We are prepared to pay an aggressive multiple for an outstanding company. Furthermore, we are confident we offer a comparatively more attractive offer than other potential buyers. As a counterparty, we are astute and easy to work with reducing risk in the transaction. Beyond the multiple, our terms are flexible and can uniquely meet the seller's needs including possible participation in the future growth brought on by our team.

E10  Fast Transactions

we're not going to drag things out

The substantial resources at our disposal enables the quick and professional consummation of transactions. Our due diligence is to the point and we have a robust and proven process to execute transactions on a quick and effective pace.

J9  Flexible Solutions For Owners

Your contact's needs can be uniquely met

Oak Stream has the ability to tailor the financing of the transaction to accommodate a seller’s lifestyle and tax planning needs. We're excited to engage in conversation about the needs of your referral and we offer years of experience in creative mechanisms to bring about solutions for your seller's needs.