Oak Stream is Unique:
We are not your typical private equity firm because we are entrepreneurs like you. We have no interest in flipping companies for a quick buck or engaging in financial gimmicks. We're looking for a great company with long-term growth prospects that we can take to the next level and you're invited to come along for the ride. 



A2  Aggressive Price

Optimimize your risk adjusted ROI

How do you make the most on your sale? We’ll pay an aggressive multiple for a great business but what counts most is who you sell to. Counterparty risks aside, if you carry back an interest or an earn-out then you need capable management to protect and grow your stake. Why is that so important to optimizing your price? A retained interest can be worth multiples of your sales price should the company grow sufficiently after acquisition. Consider this, several of our investors bought a small company called Roadside Assistance for $8 million and grew it into a multi-billion dollar company called Asurion. While we can’t guarantee the same for everyone, we are sure that you want to entertain an offer from us.

E10  Speed

Avoid Deal Fatigue

Oak Stream Partners will move quickly to close your transaction. We know how to identify and quickly resolve issues that inevitably arise when considering a change in ownership. Oak Stream Partners works in partnership with sellers to structure transactions that best meet your ambitions, lifestyle and estate planning needs. Oak Stream is open to owners retaining an ongoing equity interest or earn out with the company. We are committed to growth and we want to add to the foundation and successes that you built in your business on.

C10  Capital

Capital for the transaction & growth

Our team has more than $200 million in capital. You can be confident that we will not delay the deal to search for equity or walk away because we can’t draw on our commitments. Our negotiations are made with clear and actionable intentions and we can deliver.

J9  Flexibility

Common sense and cooperation

Oak Stream Partners is not a traditional private equity firm and does not operate like one. We offer flexible solutions to business owners and entrepreneurs seeking an optimal to exit opportunity. We have the mechanisms and creative control to meet any unique needs you may have in structuring a transaction.

A4  Dependability

Straight Shooters

We’re entrepreneurs ourselves. You’re not going to engage with a counterparty that has unreasonable expectations and investment committees. We shoot straight, we talk directly with you, we’re relatable and trustworthy, and we expect to find the same qualities in you. We understand the sensitivity surrounding employees, customers and the greater community and will conduct a quick and confidential diligence process in an honest and transparent partnership with you.

G1  Legacy

Preserve and enhance your legacy

Nothing pleases us more than to find an entrepreneur that built a company with a common set of values, a social consciences and an impeccable reputation. We’re big fans of these enlightened entrepreneurs and their employees and we intend to honor, preserve, and enhance the legacies which you have painstakingly crafted.